Tante idee per usare lo stampo da muffin in modo creativo

This book is dedicated to all the recipes you can make in muffin tins besides muffins: miniature pies, cabbage wraps, meat loaf cupcakes, peanut butter cups, and much more.One of the most underrated kitchen instruments is the muffin tin. Many of us only only pull it out on the rare occasion we have the time to make brunch or cupcakes, while it spends the rest of the year taking up too much space and gathering dust. Yet it is a fantastic tool that can be used to transform countless recipes, from breakfast to dinner to dessert, into an adorable mono-dose package. The recipes in this book are cute to look at, fun for both kids and adults, great for picnics and lunch boxes, and often times have quicker cooking times than a larger-format recipe. Of course, you’ll find a few of my tried-and-true “solito muffin” recipes as well. So pull out our muffin tin, wipe of the dust and let your imagination run wild.



Tanti golosi dolci a stelle e strisce

The Bible of American desserts, this volume unviels the secrets to creating fail-proof cookies, brownies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, pies, muffins, crumbles, banana bread, Mississippi mud pie, cinnamon rolls, chocolate puddings and much more. The stunning color photography captures the spirt of the USA and turns this book into a multi-sensory journey through the new world.
Foto di Emilio Scoti. Styling di Luisa Girola.



Storie vere e sapori forti dai confini sconfinati dell’America

Although it hasn’t caused me any hassle in the airport, this book is the heaviest piece of luggage I’ve ever carried to Italy. It’s a trunk that I’ve filled slowly and relentlessly over the years with memories, colors, aromas and recipes from home. The chapters are organized into different menus, each celebrating and describing a unique facet of Texas food culture.
From the rugged cowboy recipes straight off the cattle trail, to the spicy fish gumbo from our Eastern swamplands, to the Caribbean-inspired mango salsa that sparked my own marriage, I will guide you on a journey, not only through the kitchens, but deep into the heart of Texas.



Ricette e ricordi di un’americana in cucina

But don’t Americans just eat hamburgers and hotdogs?!
The book that will change the way Italians think about American food: From the rich and flavorful cajun dishes of Louisiana to the world-famous apple pie, this cookbook guides its reader to the discovery of authentic American cooking. Laurel Evans has zig-zagged across her country, collecting a curious and extensive manual of traditional recipes, that may finally convince Italians that there’s more to America than fast food.