La Cucina Tex-Mex


Storie vere e sapori forti dai confini sconfinati dell’America

Pages 160
ISBN 978 88 6220 347 0
Price € 14

Although it hasn’t caused me any hassle in the airport, this book is the heaviest piece of luggage I’ve ever carried to Italy. It’s a trunk that I’ve filled slowly and relentlessly over the years with memories, colors, aromas and recipes from home. The chapters are organized into different menus, each celebrating and describing a unique facet of Texas food culture.
From the rugged cowboy recipes straight off the cattle trail, to the spicy fish gumbo from our Eastern swamplands, to the Caribbean-inspired mango salsa that sparked my own marriage, I will guide you on a journey, not only through the kitchens, but deep into the heart of Texas.

LA CUCINA TEX-MEX is now available in book stores! (In Italy only for now, sorry!) Click here to buy online.