Chewy Ice Cream Sandwiches


My obsession with frozen desserts continues! Ice cream sandwiches were one of my favorite childhood treats, and here I’ve updated the traditional version with a chewy double-chocolate brownie-like cookie that also has the advantage of being gluten-free (and super-easy to make). Here they are filled with classic vanilla and strawberry ice creams, but would be delicious with more creative pairings as well (salted caramel, mint, more chocolate, etc).

Chewy ice cream sandwiches

for 12 ice cream sandwiches

Make cookies and set aside to cool completely. Once cool, transfer to freezer for 30 minutes before making sandwiches. Spread a mound of ice cream evenly over one cookie, then top with the other cookie to make a sandwich. Transfer to freezer and continue with the rest of the cookies and ice cream.

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