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For the first time in many years, I came home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I usually host a big dinner party in Milan (the picture above is from last year’s dinner at Ma’ Hidden Kitchen Supper Club), but I decided to squeeze in one more trip before baby number two makes his debut in January, and I’ll be too far along to travel over Christmas. So here I am, already in full preparation for my family’s seated Thanksgiving dinner which my mother heroically hosts for nearly 40 relatives each year. So the next few days we will be up to our elbows in turkeys, polishing silver and ironing tablecloths… and loving it.

You don’t have to travel across the ocean in order to enjoy a delicious and authentic Thanksgiving meal. Here are some of my favorite Turkey Day recipes that can be enjoyed from any part of the world.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Savory Pumpkin Tart with Gorgonzola and Caramelized Onions

Sfoglia di zucca e gorgonzola

Pumpkin and Pear Soup

Stuffed Roast Turkey

Thanksgiving Dinner

Stuffed Turkey with Herb Butter

Chestnut Stuffing


Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Bars

pumpkin bars

Maple and “Pecan” Pie

Pumpkin Pie

The most famous Thanksgiving dessert, of course, is Pumpkin Pie. I have published two versions of the recipe in my booksBuon Appetito America e American Bakery.

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