An “Americana” with no “Cucina”


My kitchen is a sad place these days, a wasteland of exposed pipes and electrical wires, home only to a few piles of dust, some broken tiles, and a lonesome microwave on a stool in the corner. No refrigerator, no oven, no sink. So you’ll have to excuse me for not sharing a recipe with you this week, my meals have been anything but blog-ready: pizza delivery, Chinese take-out, microwavable risotto (yes, I actually tried it, and it was terrible).

BUT I am excited about sharing the arrival of my new kitchen with you, it’s going to be better than ever before. I’m hoping that this forced cooking sabbatical will serve as an important time of reflection which inspires an enthusiastic cooking spree this fall. I can already imagine that sad, grey room transformed into the lively center of my home, overflowing with warmth. I can almost hear the glasses clanking and soup bubbling, smell chicken roasting and dough rising, and feel my own satisfied smile as I prepare my first home-cooked meal in almost a month.

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