Hamburger Heaven

hamburger-gourmet1It’s a good time to be a hamburger-lover in Italy. Burger-bars are popping up all over the place, spanning the spectrum from gourmet to the greasy-spoon, and several new books on the subject have hit the shelves this year. There’s even a handy iphone app that can help you find the nearest hamburger bar if you’re out on the town are hit by an unexpected hamburger urge.

hamburger-gourmetHamburger Gourmet (Ippocampo) is my favorite new find of the season. It’s a beautifully designed book from Blend, the dizzyingly-successful Paris hamburger bar. The book’s photography and design are eye-catching, while the recipes are clear, simple and irresistible. I’m excited to put some of them to the test, especially the burger buns. I have my trusty buns recipe here, which has not yet met it’s match… But I think it’s time for a challenger to enter the ring!

If you’re looking for a hamburger cook book that is more book thank cook: “Quante storie per un hamburger. Ricette, racconti e parole a caso” (Guido Tommasi Editore) is a funny and surreal work by Matteo Ruisi. Check out the presentation video here.

Milan-based hamburger lovers: don’t miss out on this must-have resource! Hamap is a map of the burger joints in Milan. You can buy the paper map, download the free pdf , or install the free iphone app.


Hamburger-lovers of the world, unite! Our time is now!


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