As usual, I wish I had more time to soak in the atmosphere of this city. A mere 36-hours is no time at all, even if every hour was as intense as the ones I passed in Palermo this week. We darted to Sicily to shoot another content-rich episode of Street Food Heroes, which is as fun as it is exhausting and overwhelming. The days are long and grueling, the weather never seems to be on our side, and I often find myself compelled to stuff my face with organ meats I never intended to taste. “OK Laurel, one more time for the camera, take a really big bite of the sliced spleen.”

BUT. If you only have 36 hours to spend in a city, this is the way to do it: surrounded by an energetic and enthusiastic group of people, racing from one fascinating food vendor to another, delving deep into the soul the neighborhood and talking to the characters who keep traditions alive. And of course, tasting everything that is put in front of your face: from the garlic-soaked snails (babbaluci) in the picture above, to the traditional spleen sandwich (Pani câ meusa). Throw all caution to the wind and eat your way to the heart of the city.

Palermo, I will be back for seconds. And I even liked the spleen!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (Sunday, May 26th) at 10:10 pm for the fist episode of Street Food Heroes on Mediaset Italia 2. Or, if you’re in Milan, stop by Rookies Sports Bar to watch it with me! Click here to watch the preview.

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