El Camello Jr.

The only problem with this part of Mexico is all the Americans. The Yucatan is like America’s Riviera, and sometimes I felt like there were more English-speakers than natives per square mile. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow countrymen, but any nationality tends to give the worst of themselves while mass traveling in other countries. I have a nearly allergic reaction to hoards of tourists, mostly because I don’t like to be reminded I actually AM one.

That said, it was a rare and welcome treat to run across a restaurant that was frequented, not only by gringos, but¬†by locals as well. El Camello Jr. is an unassuming little seafood spot in Tulum with bad lighting, plastic chairs, and walls painted an un unforgivable shade of green. The clientele is about half local and half gringo, and the food is noteworthy. The specialty of the house is a spicy fish soup, but I ordered the Pulpo alla diabla – a remarkably tender and flavorful¬†spicy octopus dish. I obviously had to sample everyone else’s plate as well, and wasn’t disappointed by anything on the table. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite:

So, my week in tropical paradise has come to an end, but not my gastronomic journey. I’m back in Texas for one more week, in search of more memorable stories, meals, photo-ops, and recipes to share with you all!

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