Bancarella della Cucina Finalist!

I’m really excited to share that Buon Appetito America! has won a spot amongst 5 finalists for an important literary prize in Italy! This selection (Premio Selezione Bancarella della Cucina) is considered quite an honor in itself and, needless to say, I’m completely flattered and excited. The actual prize will awarded in Potremoli on September 26th, and I’m up against some very big names (Davide Oldani, Fabio Picchi, etc). Whatever happens, it feels great to receive this level recognition for a project in which I invested so much time, love, and hard work!


  • Awesome! You guys deserve all the kudos and awards there are. Congrats to you and Emilio!

  • WOW! What a ride…I was checking out the website for the awards…bring home some posters of the event if you can!


  • Yippy!! You’re on an amazing track through life. I hope all this fortune goes straight to your head because it’s all true and you deserve every awesome gift life has to bring you along the way. I feel flattered and honored to be amongst one of your many #1 fans. xoxoxox

  • Way to go! Who knew that it would be a cookbook that would take you to the heights of fame and fortune?! We are so proud of you and that Italian husband. We’ll have to celebrate you properly when you return to the home country! Love and loads of kisses, Jill et al

  • I am so proud of my fabulous daughter. I am just glad that more and more people are discovering what gifts she brings to the world, AND THE TABLE!

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