Best Burger in Town?


A lot of burger joints around here profess to be the best in town/state/country/world, and it’s always fun to challenge those claims. My (Italian) husband is especially fond of this type of “research,” and every time we come to town he enthusiastically drags me to as many burger restaurants as time permits. Up to date, his favorite burger in San Antonio (and possibly the world) continues to be the Texas Chili Cheese Burger from Chester’s Burgers. (It also happens to be where we went on our first date, very romantic ;-) The cheerful yellow sign is perched high above the highway, and the restaurant includes a not-so-romantic view of the traffic on I10, but the food is fantastic. The secret to the Texas Chili Cheese Burger is, obviously, the chili – it’s meaty, spicy and definitely dresses up any sandwich. These messy meals are wrapped in paper and served directly on trays – no plates, and can be accompanied by any of the over 180 domestic and imported beers on the menu. The verdict? Great burgers, better chili, disappointing onion rings, terrible vista, but I challenge you to find a better burger 50 feet from the exit ramp!


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