Riverside: Gas and BBQ

fresh meat

In my interview with Corriere della Sera, I talked about one of my favorite spots in my hometown – Riverside Market. For Italians, the idea of combining a gas station, butcher, and BBQ restaurant may sound absurd, but in Texas it sounds just right. Riverside, which has been around as long as I can remember, is a great little family-owned business, holding strong against the rapidly encroaching multitude of fast-food restaurants that have besieged our little town. They sell some of the best BBQ around, and is also a great place to stop and pick up a raw chicken or steak if you don’t feel like hitting the grocery store on your way home. True to it’s name, Riverside is situated on the corner of Main Street and the creek that runs right through town, so we usually grab some BBQ to-go, and eat it on one of the cement picnic tables by the water. The Combo-plate (pictured below), is an overly-abundant sampler of sausage, chicken, ribs, and brisket served with the obligatory pinto-beans, potato salad and two slices of white bread to soak up the spicy sauce. To me, Riverside represents the epitome of small-town living: friendly faces, quality food, great prices, and even the convenience of filling your belly and gas tank in one satisfying local stop. It’s good to be home.


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