A big night… and great cornbread!


We had TWICE the expected turnout at our big book launch party last night… The bookstore was PACKED, and it was a PARTY. We drank 6 cases of wine and ate 8 batches of brownies, 5 batches of chocolate chip cookies, 4 batches of peanut butter cookies, and 4 batches of cornbread… and we ALMOST SOLD OUT the books. .

It was a blur of so many faces- people who followed the project from the beginning, who helped in so many ways, large and small… and many new and enthusiastic faces too! So much support… I was overwhelmed by the community Ive managed to scrape together over the years. Thanks to everyone who participated! I’m especially grateful to Lodovico from Books Import for letting us take over his store, and to Francesco Gungui who moderated the evening’s presentation with grace and wit.

I would say it was definitely a success!!!!  Here’s a sampling of pictures. For more shots from the day (setting up the bookstore in the morning, finishing the cookies and cornbread in the afternoon, etc) check out the facebook album!

The cornbread was a big hit… it’s such a great aperitivo snack, check out my recipe here.

The evening was also blogged at tappano.it, check it out here!


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